Christine Hiester

spiritual companionship


we are meant to walk together

Spiritual direction is a deep companionship, a relationship of listening and gentle guidance, that allows space for exploration, questions, prayer in an atmosphere of non-judgment and compassion.

The spiritual companionship relationship is one in service to the wholeness of the seeker. My only desire as your companion is to fully attend to your life– joys and struggles, celebrations and griefs, relationships and circumstances– and let it sift through the experiences and discussions in our time together, knowing the Divine is always moving us toward fullness of being. The whole of life is open before God and everything belongs.

The present moment, the present set of circumstances, the present relationships in our lives - this is where God lives. This is where God meets us and gives us life. This is where spiritual direction occurs.
— Alice Fryling

The presence of the Holy within the session is understood and foundational, and we listen for the movement of God together. We will spend time with whatever is stirring within you on that particular day, and over time essential noticings and patterns may arise to bring to God. As a part of each session, which lasts roughly one hour and typically takes place once per month, we may spend time in silence, conversation, prayer, or creative activities. You may come away from our time with suggestions for further reading or practices to take back into your daily life.

While sharing physical space is certainly a gift, the Divine is not limited by proximity, and I also direct sessions over FaceTime, Skype, or email, though this is less common. If the fit is right, a way will present itself.

I offer an initial meeting at no cost, so that we can prayerfully discuss what you are seeking and how I might approach our sessions together. My fee is a sliding scale from $40 to $100 per session beyond this initial consultation. Directees pay an amount within this scale based on their financial ability.

Questions we might address in a session include:

  • where are you feeling most alive in your relationship with God?

  • where do you feel most resistant or frustrated in your spiritual life?

  • how would you describe your prayer life? is there anything that’s missing?

  • what are the barriers you are currently struggling against?

  • what is the Divine inviting you into? how can you respond?

Beyond every answer waits a larger question,
and beyond every arrival waits an unforeseen beginning.
— Mark Nepo

Areas of special interest:

  • contemplative prayer

  • navigating the spiritual journey and stages of faith

  • church wounds, challenges, and estrangement

  • clergy and ministry staff

  • enneagram

  • creativity and the arts