hello fellow traveler

Companioning others on their spiritual journeys and inviting souls into greater wholeness is a privilege and a joy. As I have navigated my own path, in both times of support and deep loneliness, times of joy and times of pain, I have come to value the places of relationship where soul-work can truly happen. Since I have experienced this deep love and witnessing presence in my own work of soul-friendship and spiritual direction, I am then able to companion others from this overflow.

I am

–a spiritual companion, retreat leader, artist, and musician
–a wife, mom, and friend
–ever learning, changing, seeking, and growing
–open and affirming of all faith journeys
–a native of the Christian contemplative tradition
–comfortable meeting in person or over FaceTime or Skype

why shaping the river?

As a lover of metaphor, I often go to the Psalms for inspiration and encouragement, and that is where I found what was to become the title of this online space. Whatever I do in life I desire to be an outpouring of love– companioning others, creating art, music, or poetry, sharing with family and friends– and comes directly from the Source of all Love. All of life is a manifestation of this eternal flow.

My heart bursts its banks,
spilling beauty and goodness.
I pour it out in a poem to the Beloved,
shaping the river into words.
~Psalm 45:1 msg